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Open Letter Books

The Sailor from Gibraltar
by Marguerite Duras
(Open Letter, 2008)

I received my copy of The Sailor from Gibraltar from Open Letter Books today.  For a blissful half hour, I stopped grading papers, working on articles and reviews and working on assignments for my psych and sociology classes to just enjoy this treasure.  Almost as much of a thrill as discovering this book, is discovering Open Letter Books, the literary translation press from the University of Rochester.  They have an array of such intriguing books, that I think I'll ask my husband to skip the chocolates and champagne for Valentine's Day and just tie a red velvet bow around a stack of Open Letter titles.  Here's the link so you can check out their treats for yourself. 

Oh, and here's a tidbit from The Sailor from Gibraltar:

"So I know very well what it was to keep someone under constant surveillance, guarding every second, watching every movement.  I knew very well what it was to wish every day for that person's death -- when I was fifteen my favorite dream, the only thing that restored the world to a semblance of its original innocence, had been to imagine my father shot dead by one of his native recruits.  I knew the peculiar madness that can almost seize you just at the sight of the knives on the dinner-table.  I knew what it was to watch from behind a bush and faint at the sight of my father inspecting his servants' ears.  But in Florence, during the heat-wave, I didn't remember all these childish things."


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Feb. 6th, 2009 02:08 am (UTC)
Open Letter for Valentine's Day
Hi, Karen. In case you didn't see, you've inspired us at Open Letter. Here's a link to the entry on our blog. Cheers. -Nate

Feb. 8th, 2009 05:40 am (UTC)
Re: Open Letter for Valentine's Day
Thanks for stopping by, Nate. Glad to be an inspiration. I think my husband took the hint and I'm expecting that bundle to be wrapped with a red bow! Keep up the inspiring work!
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