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Dear Dorothy, Dear Pooh


 Dorothy Parker: Complete Poems
(Penguin Classics, 2010)

Just finished my tutoring year with a dear student who loves poetry and has a great sense of humor.  While browsing the meager aisle of poetry in a local bookstore, found the perfect gift for her (and me).  A volume of Parker's poetry.  What a delight it was to spend our last session together relishing Parker's wit and woes!  

I couldn't resist picking up the volume for another peak today and found a little ditty that harkens back to her review of House at Pooh Corner.  I think I'm completely done in on Pooh now --- I will never be able to see that bear without hearing Parker's voice.  

When We Were Very Sore
(Lines on Discovering That You Have Been Advertised as America's A.A.Milne)

Dotty had
Great Big Visions of
Dotty saw an 
Ad, and it
Left her
Dotty had a
Great Big
Snifter of 
And that (said Dotty)
Is that.




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